One Line Art: Sailing boats and face art

One line art is a great way to focus on the shape the beholder perceives. 

Art Project in China, Zhejiang University

There’s quite a story behind this picture:
This one,  here on the right, I painted in my art class as part of my masters degree in China at the Zhejiang University. Inspired by a paper I wrote about the left behind children (about 70million children that are left at the countryside while their parents are moved to cities to work) and the artificial cities of Hangzhou and Shanghai, that I had the privilege to live in for a whole year. 
China as a country left a deep impression on me, specifically the tension and between the fast living cities and poorly developed areas in rural China.
Travelling back to Germany in June 2018 I lost the picture at Shanghai Pudong airport.
Repainting the picture, I created the second picture and gave it to my mom for her birthday.
It somehow looks the same and somehow totally different.
Hoping this little girl makes her way from the rocky and stony countryside to the artificial cities of future at the coastline.

Recreating the artwork

I strongly believe that no artwork is ever finished and no artwork is ever the same. 
Repainting the picture was a way for me to process my disappointment and to accept that my first picture was lost and somehow not lost at all, since I had the idea still in my head and the oil colours I had ordered from Taobao so many months ago right in front of me. 
I knew it would never become a perfect recreation, so I tried to improve some spots and in the end i did not catch every detail I was so determined to recreate.
All in all it seems just as perfectly imperfect as the first creation.